Wednesday 10 April 2013

Second Life Syndrome (Riverside, 2005)

Before their metal drift, I used to love this Polish band and I still reckon they're one of the most interesting fruits of the progressive tree at the dawn of 21st century. This three part suite of 15 minutes, the title track of their second official full length album, is a magnificent song, where Riverside succeeed in gathering many different sources and moods in one recognizable and consistent musical style. You'll find here all the peculiar doom and sadness of Riverside, but also fragments of hope and rise towards another kind of life.

Riverside adore gloomy promo pics like this one.
Until they play good music, I tend to forgive them...

Most of all, I enjoy here the abundance of ideas and inspirations: good melodies, new rythmic solutions, old patterns revisited with modern sounds. I especially like Piotr Kozieradzki's drumming, slightly reminiscent of Marillion's Ian Mosley. The third part of the suite, an instrumental finale, also offers to the listener a very good dreaming guitar solo by Piotr Grudziński. A treat, like Mariusz Duda's voice and bass and the keys sound carpet by Michał Łapaj. As you may have imagined, I highly recommend this track.

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