Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Journey to A Nightmare (Shamall, 1989)

Norbert Krueler, the German musician and DJ behind Shamall label, signed this mini-suite divided into six parts and chose it as the title track of the debut album of his project. As Smamall went on a long way, releasing a dozen of studio albums to date, it seems to me this is the right moment to look back at the very roots of this musical adventure. Since then, Kruel went through different genres and many experiments with Shamall, but this track will prove how strong his ambient, spacey and electronic inspiration was in the first place.

Shamall's long and prolific adventure began in 1989.

"Journey to A Nightmare" combines Floydian elements with krautrock sources and even with electro-pop (we're in the '80s, after all!). A rich choice of effects and some good, simple melodies are the highlights of the suite, but please don't forget Krueler's skills as a player. Plain and even naive as it is, this song has a powerful evocative strength I'll always appreciate. A long, fluid sketch, a quiet and tense journey toward a far, arcane star!

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