Saturday, 2 July 2016

The Charade (Drifting Sun, 1998)

This band was founded by a couple of French musicians, then built up in the UK with Brtitish and American members... a real multi-national act! Their neo-prog songs are keyboard-driven, but many instruments play an important role, also some welcome acoustic ones. Pat Sanders and his friends like catchy tunes, tempo changes and nocturnal interludes. It happens I also like that. Fish-era Marillion and IQ are their most patent sources of inspiration, and surely Drifting Sun didn't change progressive rock history. 

"The Charade" is the opening track of "On The Rebound" CD.

That said, they cleverly exploited the genre's main features, adding a special taste for acoustic guitar and synth interludes, a fresh and pleasant combination, like in this song. Chris Martini's vocals perfectly match with the band's musical recipe. Last but not least, all the musicians know how to play their instruments, something we don't always find out there. So, if you need thirteen minutes of good old neo-progressive music, take this Charade and enjoy it.

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