Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Cold Heart (Chris, 2013)

I'm frequently deceived by one-man bands' albums, but this wasn't the case with this one. Chris is the brand Dutch multi-intrumentalist Christiaan Bruin chose for his most known musical adventure, started in 2008 and still gouing on. It's difficult to desctribe this song, taken from the album "Days of Summer Gone", as it zigzags from symphonic rock to Beatles-like well found melodies. To enhance such a diverse track, Mr. Bruin called in a little chamber orchestra of six elements, including strings and wnds.

"Days of Summer Gone" is the fifth studio album  by Chris.

And very well he did, because the pleasant contrast between guitars and percussions (provided by Christiaan himself) and the classically trained sextet is one of the highlights of "Cold Heart", that despite its title has a warm sound. Another plus are the unpredictable changes through which the track goes, the twisted and very different moods it gets. Epic and ironic, easy and tricky, you've got everything in just one package and still each note perfectly matches with the big picture. Smart, I daresay.

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