Friday, 1 July 2016

Vagão 1 - Réquiem da louca (Trem do futuro, 1995)

I know this track by Brazilian band Trem do futuro won't meet my most adventurous friends' expectations, but I like some vintage and even derivative tracks now and then. In this case, I actually appreciate the dynamic texture of the music and the good changes in tempo and instruments. For example, what can I say of the flute and the electric guitar? Both are so well nestled into the electronic background and so naturally exploited!

"Trem do futuro" was the debut album by this interesting band.

The vocals also come in at the right time, singing a very well found theme and taking advantage of the double voice (masculine and feminine) line up. A lively and easy kind of prog with that special sunny touch I often find in Southern American groups. Just a final ramark: a better production should have been useful to this song and to the entire self-titled album. That said, this is a joyful and passionate way to keep on proggin'...

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