Monday, 18 July 2016

Proletarian / Inspired Machine (Wigwam, 1974)

Wigwam are the most represented Finnish band in my blog and I think they deserve it. This two strictly connected tracks open one of their best albums, "Being", and they feature all the open-minded and unpredictable mood of such a seminal work. Written by Jukka Gustavson, they're keyboard based and lively ballads mostly exploiting the same theme but with different tempos.

I'm also fond of Wigwam's peculiar taste when it comes to covers.
I appreciate the brave choice of unusual chords and melodies, floating on a musical seesaw, swaying between slightly dissonant harmonies and more traditional prog folk paths. There's a stunning balance in this mini-suite, that's never too experimental and never too mainstream, leading the listener through mixed moods and colourful landscapes. I guess that's why I come back to it from time to time and each time I'm as pleased as I was in the first place.

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