Saturday, 16 July 2016

Sorry (Daymoon, 2011)

"Sorry" is perhaps the best way into Daymoon's musical world. This band is the brainchild of Portuguese old running prog musician Fred Lessing, that after so many years of honoured service in a series of wannabe prog bands, finally found the right line-up for a well established act. As you'll discover in this composition, taken from the album "All Tomorrows", Daymoon's music is trongly influenced by Gilmour-era Pink Floyd, with an apparently strange addition: the flute and some other wind instruments, mainly played here and there by Lessing himself.

The Moon, of course, but not its Dark Side, this time...

A more cospicuous electronic background is also patent, but of course Lessing's guitar is one of the highlights of this song (and of the other ones too). I appreciate the changing moods of "Sorry", some of them being as strong as in a proper suite... and after all the returning themes and the balanced architecture of the song also work like in a composite track. All in all, this is an enjoyable and modern piece of prog, with roots plunging into the past and branches pointing at the future.

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