Tuesday, 26 July 2016

პროლოგი / Prologue (სინათლის წელიწადი / The Light Years, 2004)

I was simply fascinated when I came to listen to this band (their original name shold be pronounced Sinatlis Tselitsadi) from Georgia (the European Georgia, not the USA State) and especially to their debut album called " გზა ცისკენ " (pronounced Gza Tsisken and meaning "Sky Way"). At that time of their career those musicians were far into Symphonic rock and I reckon the entire album is worth your attention, so I put its Prologue here, as it announces all their best features.

The Light Years were a sextet in this album.
You'll surely appreciate a captivating recurring riff, some spacey keyboards, a syncopated bridge à la Kate Bush and a heartbreaking string section formed by two violins and one cello. The changes are all well found and even better done, and this opening track creates an electric expectation mood, surely the best viaticum for the following songs. I really like this intro and the whole album... too bad the band decided to get into some major sound changes in recent years! Well, artist must choose freely their own way... I certainly will listen to their future works.

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