Thursday, 28 July 2016

Quarantine (Bader Nana, 2011)

Bader Nana is a musician for Kuwait, both a good composer and a skilled multi-instrumentalist IMHO.  This track comes from his album titled "Wormwood" and has the epic, heavy-oriented mysterious and diversified style you'll find in most of Bader Nana's works. He surely knows how to arrange a rich and enjoyable pot of different tempos, moods and instruments. I think you'll like the electric guitar in this song, so strong, fast and warm, not so far from Hackett's way in its melodic moments.

"Warmwood" was the first proper solo cd by Bader Nana.
Bader Nana also played drums in some bands, so you'll enjoy here true percussions instead of electronic features as in many other one-man bands. And good ones they are. There is a deep and inspired soul throughout "Quarantine", a genuine passion for music and for emotions, something I always appreciate and this is why I recommend it to you.

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