Friday 29 July 2016

Pinturas y expresiones (Agnus, 1980)

This Argentinian band was born in the early '70s, during the Golden Era of prog, but they released their sole album in 1980, shortly before the end of their musical adventure. The title track of their work is a long, rather surprising and mostly instrumental suite, lining up three movements and featuring jazzy rythms, latin sounds, flute-driven improvisations, dreamy sketches, pastoral melodies and some very good vocal harmonies.

A finely drawn artwork, matching with the band's musical mood.

As many other bands from Argentina, some of their musical solutions aren't too far from the Italian prog bands, but Agnus surely had a more experimantal way, a free inspiration and an eclectic approach I hardly remember in their contemporary scene and maybe remind me of Dutch band Focus. They liked everything new and most of all they were able to build up a rythm-based song like this one, with beautiful and delicate melodic interludes. Too bad they called it a day after "Pinturas y expresiones"...

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