Thursday, 21 July 2016

Abschied (Novalis, 1983)

You'll find in this blog long, tricky and pastoral songs by German band Novalis, but here I'd like to introduce a short ballad called "Abschied" ("Farewell")  and coming from the album "Sterntaucher" (that's "Star diver", more or less). I do think this is a highly moving song, apparently plain and essential, but actually full of emotions and musical strength.

"Sterntaucher" was the ninth studio album by Novalis.

It is a welcome example of how a skilled composer can write a prog song lasting three minutes or so. As always, the emotional side of music is more important than rules and habits. Of course, you need a good vocalist and the right amount of instrumental skills. Fred Mühlböck Novalis had this and even more than this, ça va de soi...

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