Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Harvest of Souls (IQ, 2004)

Taken from the album "Dark Matter", this long suite is another IQ's track I listen to from time to time and I like each time more. First of all, there are excellent melodies sung by Peter Nicholls with his peculiar and sensitive voice, then the instrumental sections are all enjoyable and each one adds a different point of view to a manifold and touching picture. This suite is divided into six sections, rather diverse in tempo and in mood. The first one, First of The Last, has an early Genesis, liquid background on which it flows with grace.

"Dark Matter" surely is among my favourite albums by IQ.

The following sections liven up the song or take it back a fairy mood, but always change something and enrich the song. The large amount of vintage instruments is another special feature of "Harvest of Souls", but - as I said before - the best thing here is the unpredictable (and still so natural) series of conflicting moods lined up all along the track: nostalgy, anger, sweetness, fear... I feel them all running down my spine!

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