Monday, 25 April 2016

Pictures of Ages (Utopian Fields, 1990)

This track comes from Norway and was released by a rather obscure band called Utopian Fields, active between the late '80s and the early '90s. They were strongly influenced by Pink Floyd, nonetheless they mixed the Floydian spacey moods with other prog canons, setting up an enjoyable and vintage sound this "Picture of Ages" represents very well. It opens the album "White Pigeon, You Clean..." and lasts some ten minutes.

This was Utipian Field's second album. They disbanded around 1992.

The changes in tempo and instruments are excellent and the six musicians never try to rule the composition, so that it's a well balanced and richly arranged one. The dreamy atmosphere is broken here and there by stingy and acid passages, while the ballad-like sung themes are airy and sweet. I really like Utopian Fields' way of being traditional and creative, melodic and dynamic. Constrast is the key to good prog, after all!

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