Saturday 2 April 2016

Aeroplane (Pancake, 1975)

Charming, that's the word. Pancake were a German band based on two guitars, two bass guitars and no keyboards at all. Nonetheless, their sound is a well recognizable '70s prog rock, with slight folk (or even country) roots and a tasty acid smell. This "Aeroplane" comes from the band's debut album "Roxy Elephant", most likely their best work. It's so pleasant a track that I was surprised, after listening to it for the first time, to discover that it was more than 13 minutes long!

After this debut LP, Pancake released two more albums.

The matter is that it flows away so naturally, displaying its rythmic changes, vocal harmonies, psychedelic effects and sweet guitars, that I bet you'll like it the way I did and do. I still haven't decided if I better like the electric solos or the acoustic moods, the Gilmour-esque side or the Phillips-ian one of this track. Does it really matter?

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