Sunday 17 April 2016

This Cold Heart of Mine (Wolverine, 2006)

Wolverine represent the melancholy side of prog metal, a rather popular approach in Sweden since the end of the 20th Century. The fusion of distorted guitar riffs, atmospheric interludes and energetic walls of sound is an interesting solution, but, of course, just a few bands know how to create such a daring mix without redundant lines nor useless show offs. That's the case with Wolverine, whose sense of balance is especially strong in this song, "This Cold Heart of Mine", taken from the album "Still".

"Still" was the third studio album by Wolverine.

Well, still is not the right word to describe this track, that's highly dynamic and displays a beautiful series of changes, including metal, darkness, melody and modern prog rock. I'm not into metal, as you may have known reading my posts, but I actually like Wolverine and the other bands trying to play energetic and unpredictable music.

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