Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Beginning to End (Overhead, 2002)

"Beginning to End" is a 20 minutes suite by Overhead, a Finnish band that - at least in their early years - cleverly assimilated and readapted the progressive canons of the Golden Era into a new, flushing and fascinating shape. Sure, this is a somehow naive track, packed with classic influences and easily recognizable sounds, but the band also added original solutions and a good deal of passion. 

"Zumanthum" was Overhead's debut album.

The composition is divided into five parts, building up an excellent epic track, higly diversified and coherent too, mainly instrumental and with a deep emotional strength. This music can be traditional in a way, still it seems to me fresh and unaffected, bright and flowing. Be ready to live an enjoyable, all-inclusive travel to the land of Good Ol' Prog!

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