Friday 15 April 2016

L'enfer des poupées (Pageant, 1987)

Pageant are a really original band. Born during the flushing Japanese prog era of the '80s, they set up a mix of prog, electronic pop and symphonic rock that still inspires many musicians in and out the Rising Sun Empire. "L'enfer des poupées" ("Dolls' Hell") opens the "Abysmal Masquerade" album and is a good specimen of Pageant's idea of music: synth-pop flashes, neo-prog riffs, a high-pitched female voice and a lot of irregular rythms.

"Abysmal Masquerade" was the second studio album by Pageant.

The dark side of the track (well, a hell will always be a hell, won't it?) gets along with a lighter, even childish side: nursery songs and a distorted guitars background... wow! Pageant like catchy tunes very much, but they also like unpredictable and abrupt changes, so this is a song you can listen to in both your rocky and mellow states of mind. Weird. Good.

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