Monday, 18 April 2016

Stars Fell On Fertile Lands (Holy Lamb, 2002)

Holy Lamb are likely the best known Latvian prog band and, among their studio albums, "Beneath The Skin" still stands as their most original work. It's more a rock opera than a concept album, as it dramatizes a tricky Gods' and Demi-God's story from different points of view, each one acted by a guest vocalist. Nonetheless, I better like to introduce here an instrumental song, a mellow, poetic bridge that I simply love. The way the band creates a sweet but never sweetish world around the listener's head is perfect.

I must admit this cover art isn't the album's best thing. But...

All the instruments come in and add their own recognizable touch, especially the acoustic guitars, drawing their embroideries on a discreet keyboard background. There's a hint of Camel, an echo of King Crimson and a reminiscence of early Genesis, but the track has a strong character of its own. I hope this short sketch will encourage some of you to discover the entire CD and the rest of Holy Lamb's discography. For sure, you won't waste your time...

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