Saturday 9 April 2016

Can You Understand (Renaissance, 1973)

This 10 minutes opener of "Ashes Are Burning" is a favourite of mine since I first listened to it. Mighty and sensitive, classical and easy flowing, everchanging and colourful, "Can You Understand" perfectly represents the kind of Music Renaissance are famous for. Strong melodic fountations, highly creative arrangements, airy instrumental parts and - last but not least - Annie Haslam's unique voice. 

 A press photo of the band circa 1973. The way they were...

As usual with Renaissance, the piano plays a central role in this song, connecting its different sections and launching Annie's highlights. Another special mention goes here to bassist Jon Camp, whose work is simply superb, while the symmetrical and daring structure of this composition still amazes me. Definitely one of the best epics by Renaissance, an unsurpassed canon.

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