Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Lugu (Mess, 1995)

First things first: Mess is just the name Sven Grünberg, a talented Estonian composer and performer, chose to release in 1995 a selection of his old recordings, actually dating fron the late '70s. So, the title of tis post is twice misleading, but I hope you'll forgive me. I love this track, called "Lugu" (that's to say "Story") and almost all the other tracks in the above mentioned compilation album, "Sven Grünberg's Proge Rock Group Mess".

An excellent album and a precious document for prog history.

It's an acid, even sharp instrumental, somewhere between space rock and prog. It takes me away, so far away from the mundane life, in a tridimensional, shining world, both relaxing and exciting. Please don't forget such a track was created in the Soviet Union cold war era, not exactly the most hospitable place and time for experimental rock. Another good reason to listen and appreciate this brilliant piece of music and to discover its author.

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