Monday, 4 April 2016

3 Years Older (Steven Wilson, 2015)

"Hand. Cannot. Erase" by Steven Wilson was a great sensation in 2015, maybe the greatest one in recent years when it comes to progressive rock releases. And this album actually is a masterpiece and IMHO it will become a classic. "3 Years Older" is a diversified and open minded composition, including many traditional prog elements like tempo changes, sweet melodies, a Mellotron and even a Hammond. But there is a new approach to our favourite genre that we could call the Wilson way: sad vocals, piano touches, acoustic instruments along with cold distorted guitars and, of course, an up-to-date sound.

"Hand. Cannot. Erase" was Steven Wilson's fourth studio work.

This song develops the central part of the album concept, based on a real life story about a young woman dead in her bed and only found three years later. Some lines are simply moving:

You make a list of all your big regrets
And share with people that you've never met
You slowly move towards the medicine chest
You're 3 years older and you'll always be now.
Useless to say, the words and the music perfectly match and set up a sharp and poetic piece of music, another pearl in Wilson's musical treasure.

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