Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Völuspá (Tirill, 2013)

Tirill Mohn (or simply Tirill) was part of Norwegian band White Willow, then went solo and recorded some highly evocative albums. This "Völuspá" (the title is the same of an ancient poem from the Poetic Edda) opens the album "Um himinjǫður" and is a sweet, charming trip in a fairy world. The acoustic background, the folk roots, the beautiful double vocals... everything here builds up a moment of musical perfection, a three minutes jewel.

"Um himinjǫður" was Tirill's third solo album.
Songs like this one are completely out of time and when they also have a strong and effective melody, then the listener is in heaven. I also appreciate the way Tirill mixed Norse legends and instruments coming from different Countries and cultures, conjuring up a world of her own and a magic we all need from time to time.

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