Monday, 11 April 2016

Oameni și fapte (Progresiv TM, 1979)

This Romanian band created a highly diversified and fully enjoyable kind of rock that in many ways can be considered as progressive, not only because of the name they chose for themselves. The first interesting features in this opening track of Progresiv TH's second album "Puterea Muzicii" ("The Power of Music" in English) are the ever changing tempo and the pleasant succession of rock, pop and properly prog parts.

This album is rather popular among the '70s record collectors.

The electric guitars do a strong, even heavy work here and there, while the acoustic instruments, the organ and the piano provide a sweeter touch to this 8 minutes song. The native tongue lyrics of "Oameni și fapte" (meaning "People and Facts") are welcome to me, and so are the beautiful sung theme and the guitar / piano interplays. Perhaps the 70s Romania wasn't the easiest place to go prog, but these musicians went their own way and songs like this one didn't loose their naive and delicate charms.

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