Tuesday 5 April 2016

The Sunset Gate (Glass Hammer, 2012)

Glass Hammer are one of the most coherent and enduring bands out there. This song comes from their "Perilous" album, kind of a long suite divided into 13 tracks, each one also can be considered as a stand alone piece. "The Sunset Gate" opens the concept, based on a perilous journey beyond the cemetery gates. It is interesting to say that the song titles, when read in sequence, form a charming poem, complying with metrics and rhyme rules. "The Sunset Gates" is a very good track, featuring a long and atmospheric instrumental intro, starting with an acoustic set, soon improved by the electric instruments.

"Perilous" was the thinteenth studio album by Glass Hammer.

When Jon Davison's vocals come in, the magic is perfect (and after all it isn't so easy to become a member of Yes, is it?) and the melodies are so well found and performed that I completely forget the slight lack of originality many listeners impute to Glass Hammer. Dark and charming, this track lines up majestic moments and confidential passages with the right amount of good taste such a deed involves.

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