Thursday 14 April 2016

Fanfare for The Broken Hearted (Comedy of Errors, 2013)

There are many neo-prog bands in the UK, as you can imagine, but some of them are so good that I can't stop listening to them. Comedy of Errors have that special lure I like in prog bands and this track, the opener of "Fanfare & Fantasy" album, is a good specimen of their approach. Not only tempo changes, solos and tons of keyboards: these musicians also know the emotional side of music and they never try to show off their skills and electronic devices.

Comedy of Errors are a Glasgow-based band.

In the wake of Marillion, they succeed in matching their music with the lyrics they write and every note is there to communicate. Perhaps this "Fanfare" is not an experimental track, and maybe we have all listened to something like that, but this is just one more reason to be glad when you discover how convincing and passionate this song is all the same. I'll always welcome those playing the music they like. Especially when it happens I also like it.

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