Wednesday 2 December 2015

Unbound (Phenom, 2004)

It seems that the neo-progressive verb also conquered India. At least, it fascinated and inspired this Bangalore based band. "Unbound" is the title track of their debut album (their only one to date) and proves how joyful and eclectic their music can be. These musicians know how to alternate in their songs different moods and rythms and also how to write catchy themes and interesting variations.

Young people loving and playing prog. A future for our genre.

Sure, there are no musical revolutions here, but this song has a strong and sparkling energy, the power of youth. I see here new blood for progressive rock and we must accept hints of pop and easy rock as a part of our beloved and manifold genre. I actually welcome those adding a new perspective to prog and still paying their tribute to the Masters. That's what Phenom do.

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