Monday 28 December 2015

Death Room (Gazpacho, 2014)

As I might have written somewhere in this blog, Gazpacho are a constantly improving band and "Demon" surely is one of my favourite 2014 albums. It was difficult to choose the first song from it to put here, but "Death Room" is a three part suite and I'm partial to suites, as you may remember. As the rest of the CD, this is a diversified song, including rock, folk, melodic and pop elements. 

"Demon" was the eighth studio album by Gazpacho.

It's a rather dark song (well, there's a "Demon" concept, after all...) lining up soft and hard moods and a very rich rythmic texture with bass guitar and percussions at their best. Melodies are very good and the band knows how to exploit their themes, going in and out them and building up a coherent and riveting plot. More than this, "Death Room" creates an entire magic world and its good and bad characters through a stunning series of musical details and conflicting sounds. Last but not least, Jan Henrik Ohme's vocals are simply perfect. Well done, boys!

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