Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Central Sun of The Universe (Sagrado Coração da Terra, 1991)

This is the only song with English lyrics from the album "Farol da liberdade", one of the finest achievements by Sagrado Coração da Terra, violinist and composer Marcus Viana's band. It's a rather long piece of music, lasting more than 11 minutes, featuring a good deal of themes and several mood changes. As usual with Viana, melodies play the leading role and they're set into the plot with good taste and pleasant variety.

Marcus Viana (with his violin) and his "Sagrado" friends.

Another winning point of this song is the stunning series of vocal harmonies, adding a pastoral touch to the big picture, along with the flute solo. Of course, the violin also comes in and it lightens somehow the atmosphere, that's a warm and comfortable one, while the piano provides a delicate (but never too much) accompaniment. A Latin, (better: Brazialian) approach to prog rock that I always appreciate and hope you'll listen with pleasure too.

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