Tuesday 22 December 2015

Négy évszak (Panta Rhei, 1980)

This four part suite was released by Hungarian band Panta Rhei in 1980 as the longest track of their self-titled album and mixes the two prominent inspirations of those musicians: electronic rock and, of course, prog. Its title (meaning "Four Seasons") reveals that this was another composition based on the frequently exploited theme of the different parts of the year. Even so, this song is an interesting and original achievement. The '80s pop sounds are there, especially in the first section (inspired by Winter) and here and there throughout the suite, but a symphonic and fully progressive plot is also important.

This was Panta Rhei's first official LP, even if a previous album
was recorded in 1977 and only released many years later.
Catchy themes and unusual sound solutions follow one another. The band had previously recorded more uncompromising music following the steps of ELP, but I also like the way they tried to be more commercial and never trivial in this track (and in the rest of the album, that's to say). Dated? Maybe, but pleasantly written and strangely hybridated. Curious and intriguing, I'd say,

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