Tuesday 1 December 2015

Inner Garden Part I + Part II (King Crimson, 1995)

"Inner Garden" is the title of two very short songs King Crimson included in the album "Thrak". As I couldn't decide which one to post here, and as they are strictly linked, I put both in my collection. Many reviewers wrote that this (double) song proves how you can create a prog pearl having a very short duration time. Likely this is not the only evidence of that, but this music has got the special magic of King Crimson's dreamy songs, just like a "Starless" concentrate or an "Islands" abstract.

"Thrak" was the eleventh studio album by King Crimson.

Fripp's fairy sounds and Belew's suspended, almost immaterial vocals are a true emotional experience, an addicting one, I daresay. Adrian is also responsible for the lyrics describing a deep and reasonless sadness, reminding me of some morn and beautiful poems by Paul Verlaine. Fascinating, that's the word.

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