Monday 7 December 2015

El gran senser (Le Orme, 1979)

Here is the closing instrumental track of Le Orme's acoustic album called "Florian". As the entire LP, this track only includes instruments from the classical tradition, closer to the Chamber Orchestra mood than to the symphonic heritage. I like this delicate and well structured composition and especially the rythmic work in it, based on marimba, vibraphone, cymbals and double bass.

The album was named after the beautiful Caffè Florian in Venice.

The long atmospheric section also reminds me of early King Crimson, while the main theme has a special, almost military cadence, a pleasant contrast to the fairy and vaguely Eastern sounds of this song. Last but not least, "El gran senser" is a fully progressive song, despite the unusual choice of instruments and maybe thanks to its Venitian and out of time atmosphere.

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