Friday 4 December 2015

No One Together (Kansas, 1980)

This is another specimen of pure Kansas-style song. Taken from 1980 album "Audio-Visions", it features all the best elements that builded up the legend of this American band. You name it: The devilish gigas, the catchy chorus, the abrupt volume changes, Steve Walsh' splendid voice, the double keyboard interplays, the guitar solos and the piano sharp chords... all in one package!

"Audio-Visions" was the seventh studio album by Kansas.

More than this, "No One Together" proves how great Kansas are when it comes to mix acoustic and electric instruments in such a coherent pot that you hardly perceive them individually. This symphonic track also includes country and vaudeville elements, adding a brighter tone to the big picture. That's why if I admit "Audio-Visions" isn't the best Kansas album by far, this song surely stand among their best rated releases.

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