Saturday, 19 December 2015

Conte en vert (Terpandre, 1981)

Before its release on CD (in 1988), the sole album by French prog act Terpandre was a rare object and a forgotten testimony of late '70s European progressive music, as its recording sessions dated back to 1978. Too bad would have been if we had lost such a good example of melodic, early King Crimson inspired LP. This track is among my favourite songs from the transitional years between 1978 and 1982, too late for Golden Era and too early for neo-prog revival.

A perfect cover art for the music you're listening inside.

"Conte en vert" ("Green Tale" in English) has the bittersweet mood of the first KC's album, but also some brighter touches here and there opening blue skies and ethereal atmospheres. The band knew how to revive classic sounds in a fresher and maybe simpler version. "Conte en vert" is a quiet and moving musical ghost, and I'm sure it'll give to some of you the will to listem more from those French boys.

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