Friday 11 December 2015

Merlin The Magician (Rick Wakeman, 1975)

If you need a further proof of Rick Wakeman's capacity to melt epic and ironic tones, "Merlin The Magician" is perfect for you. Not only it is a stunning piece of prog music and (useless to say) full of keyboards, but it also features rather humorous lyrics about Merlin, described as both a magic and laughable character. That said, what I really like in "Merlin The Magician" is the manifold and shimmering instrumental section, a very long one, along with the beautiful sung themes Rick wrote.

This must be Merlin... or maybe Rick The Magician. Same thing.

The entire "The Myths And Legends of King Arthur And The Knights of The Round Table" album is one of my favourite works by Wakeman, but surely this song in one of its brightest highlights. I see Merlin himself coming out of Rick's synths and cheerfully smiling to the listener. It's a kind of magic. Prog magic, I daresay. 

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