Tuesday 8 December 2015

Hombres de Maíz (Alux Nahual, 1981)

Alex Nahual are likely to be the most famous and interesting rock band from Guatemala.This 7 minutes track comes from their self-named debut album. There are so many different influences in this song, from prog to mainstream rock and from latin folk to rock Andaluz. Still, it's a coherent composition, lining up a catchy chorus, rock riffs and a very good atmospheric section too.

The name of this band means, in Mayan Language, Goblin's Spirit.

Álvaro Aguilar's vocal performance is strong and warm, going through all these different moods and also preparing the listener to the instrumental coda, reminiscent maybe of Kansas. The rythm is the strongest element in this song, in the wake of their tradition, then the melodic themes are also a winning point. Just try it and let me know...

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