Saturday, 26 December 2015

After The Day (Barclay James Harvest, 1971)

One of the best songs by BJH from one of their most celebrated albums. "Barclay James Harvest ...And Other Short Stories" has a strong progressive flavour and - as always with this band - an excellent melodic texture. This "After The Day", written by John Lees, is a pastoral ballad with a dreamy instrumental coda, the kind of track BJH is famous for... and a perfect closing song for the album. 

"...And Other Short Stories" was the third studio album by BJH.

Its intro sounds like an early King Crimson track, while the sung section keeps a Seventies atmosphere, somewhere between The Beatles and The Kinks. But, of course, this is just fully BJH-styled music, graced by a slightly acid guitar and powerful apocalyptic lyrics. Even if the band were going to become far more popular during the following years, this was their most creative and unpredictable era, IMHO.

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