Thursday 17 December 2015

Lost in Time (Flamborough Head, 2013)

Back to Dutch neo-proggers Flamborough Head. This 2013 release surely was an excellent addition to their career and the title track is a perfect specimen of their kind of music. It's based on a rather rich and well known recipe, including all the main features of a neo-prog song: a catchy main theme, an acoustic intro, dreamy electric guitar solos, thick keyboards, some rocky parts and lots of melodic passages.

"Lost in Time" was the seventh studio album by FH.

Sure, this is something we all listened to hundreds of times, still it is so well build up and so pleasantly performed that I like it very much. Flamborough Head know how to alternate the moods and the rythms, when to change the tempo and the right moment to introduce the flute or the spanish guitar. I've been eating pizza most of my life, but I still like it. Why should it be different with music?

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