Sunday, 6 December 2015

Empires Never Last (Galahad, 2007)

This is the title track of a rather average album by Galahad, but the song itself is among the best things the band recorded ever, IMHO. The muscular intro mixing symphonic rock and heavy prog is a remarkable start, so that when abruptly the mood changes and the song goes melodic the listener gets a pleasant surprise. The following "arena rock" chorus is catchy and welcome. Sure, some distorted guitars come in here and there, but the main feature in this central section is (once again) Stuart Nicholson's strong and sensitive vocal performance.

"Empires Never Last" was the eighth studio work by Galahad.

Thanks to him and to the ever changing arrangements, "Empires Never Last" is a strong and never pomp song. The final part brings in an excellent guitar solo that adds some further quality to the track. Yes, Galahad will keep their place in my playlists until they will be able to build up songs like this one.

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