Saturday, 27 December 2014

And I'll Recite An Old Myth from... (Providence, 1989)

These Japanese musicians released their debut album, including the long track I'm introducing here, in 1989, followed by a  second work eight years later. Then unfortunately they disbanded in the early 2000s. I didn't write "unfortunately" without any reasons, as this track should prove. It's a 20 minute epic, practically a well organized suite, including dreaming, sweet passages, guitar + mellotron explosions, a jazzy piano interlude and - of course - some bombastic, symphonic rock sections.

This abum includes four long, epic tracks.

The five members of Providence play as one, with no hedonistic tendencies, so that each note has its good reason to be there. Anyway, a special mention goes to Yoko Kubota's beautiful voice, both sensitive and aggressive. Last but not least, the melodies are well found and even better exploited in a variety of arrangements and variations. This ever changing song didn't change the History of prog, but certainly was an excellent addition to it.

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