Saturday, 6 December 2014

Limites (AlexL, 2004)

The Brazilian multi-instrumentalist and composer Alexandre Loureiro released his only solo album "Triz" with a crowd of other musicians in 2004 and it seems to me this record still represents an original and eclectic approach to progressive rock. Take this track, called "Limites" ("Limits" in English), for example. It starts like a Genesis' Trespass-era song, including pleasant vocals in Portuguese, then an instrumental bridge reminds me of Robert Fripp's most dreaming moments.

"Triz" includes 12 sketches exploring many sides of prog.

When vocals come back, the harmonies sound a little like Gentle Giant, then the delicate folkish touch comes in once again to end up the song like a fairytale. Many influences, but a strong, definite personality re-interpretating the whole prog history in a modern and essential way. I actually recommend this song - and the album too - to all my most open-minded friends.

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