Sunday, 14 December 2014

Valley of The Shadows (Cairo, 1998)

Taken from Cairo's "Conflict And Dreams" album, this track perfectly illustrates the highly dynamic kind of prog these American musicians released in their three studio album, between 1994 and 2001. The sung sections and vocal harmonies are obviously reminiscent of Yes, but this "Valley of Shadows" has an original up tempo,intricate and enthralling structure I really like. Bret Douglas surely is a good singer, as he mixes very well power and sensibility in his performance and the backing voices are also very good.

"Conflict And Dreams" was Cairo's second studio album.

Mark Robertson's keyboards rule the track, but the band act as one, especially when they open the listener's view over wide horizons and distant landscapes. I daresay Cairo found a perfect balance between vintage sounds - mostly Keys - and up to date solutions, that's to say between symphonic rock and neo-prog. For sure, if you like fast fingers and virtuoso interplays, devilish piano and flushing arrangements, you won't be  disappointed by this.

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