Saturday, 20 December 2014

Index II (Index, 2004)

Index are a very interesting Symphonic rock band from Brazil, as this suite, coming from the album "Identidade", likely will prove. Leaded by guitarist Jones Junior of Quaterna Réquiem fame, and keyboardist Otaviano Kury, those musicians like a vintage prog full of Hammond and Mellotron, but also dreamy guitar solos, flutes and a very good rythm section. All this track - split into four parts -  is equally divided between this lovefor the past heroes and a genuine quest for intricate plots and inner landscapes.

"Identidade" is the band's third studio album. 

Some passages are actually excellent, like the bass guitar solo starting around minute 9:10 or the following wall of sound graciously introduced by the flute. Everything is as it used to be, but there's that special freshness coming from Youth conviction and that bright taste springing out of the pleasure they enjoy by playing their music. A good trip into a past era we all love.

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