Thursday 11 December 2014

Good at The Art of Surviving (Notturno Concertante, 1993)

Lucio Lazzaruolo and Raffaele Villanova, the core duo behind the Italian act "Notturno Concertante", surely are among the most coherent and interesting musicians of their generation. "Good at The Art of Survival" comes from their debut album "Erewhon" and it features many of the band's trademark features. Firstly, you'll appreciate here the keen piano and guitar work, kind of a special touch , giving a nocturnal mood to many songs of theirs. Then, listen to the tempo changes, always coming in the right time, but never too sharp. Last but not least, see how Lucio's lyrics describe, with no indulgence at all, the criminal and narrow minded outlook of mafia's adepts.

"Erewhon" features Riccardo Mannelli's effective artwork.

I really like the way Notturno deal with some strong concepts in their albums, keeping such a delicate musical approach. This song flows gently through its different moods, respectively ruled by classic guitar, guest Betty Iandolo's voice and keyboards, so that the track's last note is just like a dream's last image. Don't loose this trip, my prog friends!

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