Friday, 19 December 2014

Untidal (WhyOceans, 2011)

This is what I call an intense, moving track. There are prog roots in it, but also many elements we'd call post-rock. It comes from "At Land", the debut album of a very interesting Chinese band called WhyOceans. The excellent fusion between keyboards and guitars, the delicate drumming work, the mood changes and the visionary impact of this music are indeniable.

Quite an interesting band, I even like this cover art.

For those into prog history, there are many links to some Scandinavian modern bands, but also a vague King Crimson taste and a Brian Eno distant echo. For sure, like for most of the Chinese contemporary prog acts, you'll find here the sense of wonder, an aerial dimension, even a spiritual quest. Nothing too intricated or Tricky, still some ten minutes of unusual and beautiful soundscapes.

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