Sunday 21 December 2014

Dance of The Demons (Etcetera, 1998)

I was pleasantly surprised when I first listened to this suite. I didn't know the Danish band behind it, nor their self titled debut album, but I listened to this track three times in a row. I like the way it develops each theme, exploiting its different features in both melodic and rythmic aspects. The track is divided into three parts (well, two parts and an interlude called In Medias Res), spanning over 21 minutes of good old symphonic rock with an original twist. All is well done here: the creative drumming background, the usual abundance of keyboards, the lively and eclectic guitars, even the saxophone coming in from time to time.

All Etcetera's albums feature this shortened Etc logo.

There are roughly three moods in this "Dance": a melodic one, a classically rock one and a slightly jazzy one. They're so well set in the big picture that you scarcely could be bored by it: tempos and instruments always change and the final effect is almost visual, with dark and bright moments following one another. If you ask me, listening to this is one of the best things you could spend your next 20 minute spare time.

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