Wednesday 3 December 2014

Hallelujah (Little Tragedies, 2011)

Another excellent proof by Russian band Little Tragedies, something full of old good prog rock, but also reminiscent of Eastern European folk music. This is taken from the album called "Obsessed" and it actually became an obsession to me since the first time I listened to it. The joyful theme on which the track is based is elegant and enthralling. It includes some original variations on both popular and cultivated sides, involving all the instruments.

"Obsessed" was Little Tragedies' ninth studio album.
 It's a hymn to life, a real Hallelujah sung to the world using all the progressive tools. Even the rather short duration time is perfectly fit to the final effect, as unnecessary repetions or incongruous interludes are simply cut off. That's why this instrumental goes directly to the listener's heart. For a band accostumed to long and intricated suites, this is aperfect way to remember how beautiful prog can be in its shortest sketches when a good melody and a bunch of good players are involved.

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