Thursday 18 December 2014

Am I Very Wrong? (Genesis, 1969)

Their debut album "From Genesis to Revelation" isn't the best reason to love Genesis, as we all know. That doesn't mean this record hasn't any good music inside. Actually, "Am I Very Wrong?" features one of  my favourite melodies ever and even if the song is apparently plain in its structure - quite a piano and guitar driven ballad - it always charms me and is worth some consideration.

Surely not one of the most elaborate album covers...

To explain the fascination this track turns on, its good melody wouldn't be enough. There are also a very good choice of chords, an original 12 string guitar background, and - last but not least - a sensitive vocal performance by Peter Gabriel. The vocal harmonies of the chorus are another pleasant surprise, making an unusual contrast with the verses, and introducing a bright tambourine too. The instrumental intro (mostly a Jonathan King's addiction) is one of the best ones in the album, featuring two pianos, one of which was handcrafted to imitate  the tone of a harpsichord. All is well done and announces more to come. So much more...

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