Monday, 22 December 2014

Hunting Girl (Jethro Tull, 1977)

Well, this is exactly what you expect on a Jethro Tull's song. Folk roots, baroque'n'roll interplays, catching sung melody, warm and rather aggressive vocals, good old keys with rather heavier guitars. Everything Jethro is here. It is difficult to resist: the rythm is enthralling and the mood changes come unexpected, ranging from rock'n'roll to medieval music. Energy everywhere, of course, but under control. So that each instrument has got its own right place, just like the low class boy coming across the hunting lady in Ian Anderson's lyrics.

Caught in the act!

And when the flute comes in to stress the socially uneven encounter, it seems to me that those lines perfectly describe old Ian's character:

I'm not inclined to acts refined, if thats how it goes.
Oh, high born hunting girl,
I'm just a normal low born so and so.

Low born, maybe. But let us judge about the refinement of your musical acts, Mr. Anderson!

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