Sunday, 8 June 2014

Magnum Opus (Kansas, 1976)

Likely the proggest song by Kansas, "Magnum Opus", taken from the album "Leftoverture", surely is one of their finest and more challenging compositions. The way all the instruments come in and each one of them seems to lead the track, the perfect vocals by Steve Walsh... here you are more than enough reasons to love"Magnum Opus".

"Leftoverture" is probably my favourite album by Kansas.
But there's another one, maybe the most important one: those musicians achieve here a lushing, charming fusion of European prog rock - including all its sub-genres, I daresay - and their own American roots: this is the Kansas' way, the Kansas' gate to the progressive world. The rythm is enthralling, the main theme is bombastic, the mood is as spiritual as such an epic can be... what else? Just this: the varied, multi-coloured, unpredictable architecture "Magnum Opus" has got. Just try and see...

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