Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Sanktuarium (Quidam, 1996)

This is the opening track of Quidam's self titled, first and most appreciated album. It fully represents this Polish band's style, made of elecric guitar solos à la camel, charming female voicals - that's Emila Derkowska's pure and mysterious voice - and atmospheric breaks. Actually, Quidam inspired many other prog bands, not only in their own Country, with their brilliant mix of prog rock and celtic folk and their unique soul. Sanktuarium has got a winning melody and a lot of dreaming guitars, both lying on a keyboards smooth carpet and a neat rythm section.

This is the 1996 album cover art, but I recommend the 2006
10th Anniversay 2 CD edition.

All the electronic devices are employed with discretion, just to enrich the shadowy mood of the track, whose lyrics in Polish describe the search of an inner sanctuary hidden behind a rainy, windy dusk, in a moment of painful solitude. This arcane union of Nature and human feelings is what I perceive in every second of "Sanktuarium". Morn, yes, but beautiful.

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